Welcome to Wash 37135! We are Nolensville, Tennessee’s first fully automated car wash.



Wash 37135 is located in the heart of Nolensville, Tennessee at:

912 Oldham Drive
Nolensville, Tennessee 37135

Located behind the Twice Daily Gas Station and Sonic


Monday-Saturday: 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM


Wash 37135 offers affordable pricing for one time washers, monthly and yearly memberships. Check out our levels of washes below.

Regular Wash Pricing | Wash 37135 | Nolensville, TN

Regular Wash

This entry level package is perfect for those commuters who are constantly "on the go". A quick trip through our tunnel will provide your vehicle with the basics we have all come to know and love. Your vehicle will enter the wash room where it will be washed, rinsed and then be dried. Free vacuums are available after you exit the tunnel and you can purchase your favorite car care products inside the office when needed. This is a great option for corporate fleets.

Single Wash - $8.00
No Monthly or Annual Memberships Available

Plus Wash Pricing | Wash 37135 | Nolensville, TN

Plus Wash

This option uses our baseline regular wash with a few extras to help your ride stand out when rolling through the 37135. The biggest difference you will notice is an even coat of tire shine applied to your tires. However, most people will be talking about the experience of the Triple Foam. It is a rainbow of colors with a clear-coat conditioner that conditions the surface of your vehicle to help stay cleaner, longer!

Single Wash - $12.00
Monthly Membership - $24.99
Yearly Membership - $274.89

Super Wash Pricing | Wash 37135 | Nolensville, TN

Super Wash

You are serious about a clean car if you are looking at this option. The Super builds on our previous two packages by adding Rain-X. The rain repellent bonds to all glass work and helps to repel rain and water. This is a great option for younger drivers to help clear the windshield on those stormy drives home. An additional $5 monthly with a lot of safety and protection included. This has been our most requested package.

Single Wash - $16.00
Monthly Membership - $29.99
Yearly Membership - $329.89

Premium Wash Pricing | Wash 37135 | Nolensville, TN

Premium Wash

The Nolensville streets just got that much cleaner with this package. The Premium option includes the foundation of the other washes and adds those fine touches that will leave your vehicle showroom clean. After you enter the washroom and experience the Fusion bath, prime and rinse...you will now be ready for the sealing and hot wax. This package is ideal for our most discerning clients. Enjoy the LIGHTS! 

Single Wash - $20.00
Monthly Membership - $36.99
Yearly Membership - $406.89


Family Plan Available

Families can enjoy and share our premium washes up to 8 times for just $49 per month.